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Happy Vaginal Steam Awareness Month

August in National Vaginal Steaming Month...  In celebration of the First Annual Vaginal Steam Awareness Month I am offering Vaginal/Yoni Steaming Services for $35 (reg price $45) or a 4 session package for $100 (reg price $180)


What is Vaginal Steaming?

Vaginal steaming is a traditional self-care practice whereby someone sits or kneels over a warm pot of boiled water, gently exposing the entire pelvic region to the steam that arises.

The individual may choose to squat over the source of steam or sit on a designated sauna or seat, specifically designed for this purpose. To enhance the effect of vaginal steaming, herbs may be infused in the water to give the steam added therapeutic properties.

There is also a dry variation of vaginal steaming that relies on the use of smoke from burning coals or wood instead of steam.



Do you steam? What's your setup like? Where did you learn about it? How long have you been doing it?


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Where is Vaginal Steaming From?

Ancient records document the use of vaginal steam practices in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceana and the Americas. The practice is widespread and universal.

Despite historical worldwide use of vaginal steaming, the practice gradually fell into decline, especially in the Western world. The reason for this is two-fold:
1) Europe passed laws making it illegal for anyone other than medical doctors to practice medicine. These laws were violently enforced and effectively eliminated female health practitioners (who were often not permitted to attend universities) from medical practice. In their absence, the knowledge of traditional reproductive health practices such as vaginal steaming went into obscurity.
2) As Europe colonized the world, the patriarchal system of medicine that had developed in the absence of female physicians spread worldwide, enforcing policies such as outlawing folk medicine and female healers worldwide. Modern day medical institutions and practices continue to reflect these colonized structures.

In recent times, women are reclaiming autonomy over their own health and, with this awakening, the traditional practice of vaginal steaming has re-emerged. Gaining renown for its potential ability to improve a long list of gynecological health concerns, vaginal steaming is growing quickly in popularity and becoming a universal practice used widely once again.



When/why/how do you think vaginal steaming was lost in your lineage? If it was not lost, how was it preserved and are there any threats to the continued practice? 


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Reflect on your ancestral lineage of vaginal steaming. If you are unaware of any ancestral lineage to steaming go to the Vaginal Steam World Map and find the closest reference of vaginal steaming to your ancestors. ⁠






















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Though the term “vaginal steaming” has become popular in recent years, the term is not totally accurate for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, when sitting over steam, it touches more than just the vagina. Depending on the way the body is positioned, steam can reach the entire pelvic region including the vulva, clitoris, labia, urethra, vagina and anus. In Asia, steam is also historically practiced for men’s health. In this case the steam would also touch the penis and scrotum. The adjectives “perineal” (for perineum) and “pelvic” (for pelvis) are both correct terms to more accurately describe the anatomical area covered during a “vaginal” steam session. These alternative are also inclusive for middle genders. Steam users are popularizing the terms “pelvic steaming” and “perineal steaming” rather than continuing to use the more narrow term “vaginal steaming”. Perineal steam is also further shortened to “peristeam”.

Second, vaginal steaming has two forms, described in Korea as wet and dry. In English, we have not yet found a term to capture both wet and dry steaming. Historically, the term “fumigation” has been used to reference both dry and wet steaming. However, the term is currently designated for pest control which is no longer befitting. Instead, we can differentiate between “vaginal steam” and “vaginal smoke” as pelvic steam and pelvic smoke.


So what do think? What do you think is the best accurate term to replace "vaginal steaming"?


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