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Her Story


Africa Barnhill's journey to helping others with feeling good about themselves was born from her own battles with health issues and discomfort when she was 17 years old. After Africa was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, she began exploring alternative and holistic options to managing her pain and symptoms. Africa focused her research on herbs, essential oils and how environmental and dietary factors played a part in her diagnosis. During her research she began to explore recipes on how to make natural skincare products and Sweet Herbal Scentations was born. Africa made bath and body like products but without all the detrimental and harmful chemicals that contribute to DIS-EASE.


After 5 years of success with Sweet Herbal Scentsations, she decided she wanted to learn how to help people better care for their skin and treat skin concerns, so she attended The Aveda Institute of Chapel Hill in 2008. After graduating and working for other spas over the years, she decided to open Evolution Skincare and Wellness, LLC. in 2015.

Africa specializes in Holistic Skincare, Nutrition for Skincare, treating Hyperpigmentation, the effects of prescription medications on the skin, intimate skincare and brazilian waxing.

Beauty from the Inside Out is her Passion!!!!

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