One of our most popular types of body wraps at Evolution Skincare And Wellness LLC is our Hydrating Lush body wrap. This treatment consists of exfoliation with a natural Luffa and Apricot Powder to gently refine and smooth skin. An infusion of Wheat, Apricot and Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acids accelerates cell renewal to unveil petal soft skin. Followed by an application of a luxurious hydrating balm that leaves an intense hydration on the skin, enhancing defenses and soothes even the most sensitive skin. Then you are wrapped in an Infrared Cocoon that relaxes the muscles and detoxifies your body.


Hydrating Lush Wrap Treatment / 60 mins: $150

  • Customize your treatment with an additional therapeutic twist by adding an aromatherapy complex

  • Relaxing Complex Add-on $10

  • (Melt away stress with this blend that calms and balances both physically and emotionally. Benefits include anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity, sedative effects on the nervous system and is soothing for the skin.)

  • Detoxifying Complex Add-on $10

  • (Cleanse skin and body with this healing blend that helps stimulate circulation, release impurities, support the immune system, fight inflammation and ease muscular pain.)

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