Advanced Exfoliation

At Evolution Skincare And Wellness LLC, I offer a wide range of advanced exfoliation options that can enhance and protect your skin’s quality and replenish minerals that may be lost during harsh weather, normal aging, environmental stimuli or improper skincare. I use skills to ensure that your facial peel is as relaxing and rewarding as possible while our unique facial exfoliation treatment options go to work on remedying wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, pore size and overall skin tone.

We provide revitalizing diamond tip microdermabrasion treatments.  Experience the wonderful changes with the following options:


Give your skin the best chance for maximum results.  Enjoy a refreshing deep cleanse, an enzyme exfoliation that is customized so it can be used on the most sensitive of skin types, physical exfoliation of diamond tip microdermabrasion, intensive treatment masque, eye and lip treatment, a therapeutic massage of the decollete, neck and shoulders, ending with a highly potent serum and moisturizer.


Optimum anti-aging treatment for a brightening effect resulting in soft, supple skin. This treatment promotes new, age-defying collagen synthesis for intensive hydration by adding the power of a microdermabrasion session within the facial.  Enjoy a refreshing double cleanse, an enzyme exfoliation, physical exfoliation of diamond tip microdermabrasion, intensive Vitamin C & E double treatment masque, eye and lip treatment, a therapeutic massage of the decollete, neck and shoulders, ending with a highly potent Vitamin C Serum.







The Hydrodermabrasion Facial

Cleanse - Exfoliates - Extracts - Hydrates - Infuses - Glow

How hydrodermabrasion peel works?


Remove dry, damaged skin cells to uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.


Deep cleanse of skin surface & remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.


Delivery of condition-specific serums deeps into the skin by saturating the skin’s surface with nutrients, antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

Are you ready to glow? Evolution Skincare and Wellness' advanced intra-dermal infusion skin treatment could create an instantly gratifying glow! The Hydrodermabrasion facial is a aqua skin resurfacing treatment integrates vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration and iontophoresis (serum infusion). The procedure uses crushed diamond tips as method of exfoliating the first the outermost skin layer, with a surface composed mostly of dead skin cells. As this layer is stripped away, the body races to replace removed cells with new, healthy skin cells, thereby improving the appearance of imperfections such as wrinkles and lines. The surface of the skin also feels smoother and firmer. More treatments continue to increase the visible health of skin. Unlike standard microdermabrasion, which uses a tool that lifts up the skin layer and create swelling, hydro-dermabrasion is crystal-free procedure which performs comfortable and pain-free aqua peeling treatments suitable for all skin types. Also suitable for sensitive skin, especially during the dry seasons.

This popular red carpet hydrodermabrasion treatment is a safe, non-invasive, no downtime, multi-faceted approach to skin revitalization. It is great for all skin conditions (treats hyperpigmentation, dry/dehydrated skin, sun-damage, acne, clogged & congested, enlarged pores, fine lines & wrinkles). The hydro-heads of this machine lifts away the top layer of skin without irritation and applies a hydrating and soothing aqua infuse treatment to the skin. All through the process, skin covered by the booster serum gets exfoliated.  Depending on the individual’s skin concerns, different serums will be used. The oxygen booster serums then supplies the skin with plenty of nutrients and moisture to decrease abrasive irritation. A hydrodermabrasion treatment can effectively treat multiple skin conditions including aging skin, dehydration, sensitive skin and fine lines. Aqua Peels can be used on all skin types.

Furthermore, hydrodermabrasion works effectively for those suffers from acne, blemishes, pore congestion to clean pores, comedones, and blackheads. The hydro-peel wand can be operated repeatedly on the T-zone area, and repeated procedures are very helpful in extracting blackheads from pores without over-peeling the skin. The surrounding serum also helps soften pores, making the extraction easier. Once pores are cleared and shrunk, there is a significantly lesser risk of comedones reappearing, and skin texture becomes smoother and younger-looking.


Hydrodermabrasion for Anti-aging Facial $130

Hydrodermabrasion for Anti-Aging Facial + Neck $150

Hydrodermabrasion for Anti-Aging Facial + Neck + Chest $175

Hydrodermabrasion for Anti-pigmentation Facial $130

Hydrodermabrasion for Anti-Acne Facial $130

Hydrodermabrasion for Anti-Acne + Anti-pigmentation Facial $160


Why Should I Get a Facial Peel?

There is a reason that facial peels are one of the oldest and most popular spa treatments: they are quick, easy and generally quite affordable. Because of the variety of advanced exfoliation options that I offer at Evolution Skincare And Wellness LLC, regardless of your age, gender or skin condition, we will be able to improve how you look on the outside and feel on the inside in no time at all. Not only do my exfoliation treatments produce smooth and clear skin but the treatment can also leave you feeling positive and self-assured. Men and women alike inquire about our exfoliation services for all kinds of reasons, four of the most common include: Removal of discoloration, treating excessive sun exposure, managing acne and dull and sallow skin.

A chemical peel is an acid solution that is applied to the skin. It dissolves the outermost layer of skin cells, which then peels off over the following days to reveal the fresher, younger layer below. Peels are very effective in treating a large range of skin concerns such as aging, sun damage, acne, mild scarring, improving skin brightness, and evening skin tone.

Peels can be light, moderate or deep. Light peels require no down time from work and your normal activities. Moderate peels may require a day or two, and deep peels can require a week or more of down time to allow the skin to fully heal. Estheticians who are not working in a medical setting perform light to moderate peels only. Deep peels can only be performed by a physician, or under a physician’s supervision, for your safety.

Glyco*Enzyme Peel $130 (60min)

Turn back time with a Glyco-Enzyme treatment. This cell renewal peel is a great deep-pore cleansing skincare treatment with 30% glycolic acid coupled with a fruit enzyme that is designed to exfoliate and break down dead skin cells to promote a smoother, clearer complexion. Great for sun damage, hyperpigmentation, as well as acne conditions. For NORMAL/COMBINATION/OILY SKIN TYPES. 

Bright Skin Peel $130 (60 min)

Perfect treatment for uneven/irregular pigmentation issues. Harnessing the power of Arbutin and Kojic Acid that work with the hydrating properties of Lactic to create an extreme lightening peel. 

Close up portrait of a middle-aged femal